Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This was the first complete system test, less than 20 hours before the departure of the robots. In this test we had:
  • The ASL Walking robot (complete with cover and lights)
  • The ASL Crabli (6 wheeled rover)
  • The ASL SpaghettiBot (Power cable manager)
The test was done in the dark, with the three controllers (David, Oli and Cedric) only using the robots cameras for their situational awareness. The goal was to "find a white object" and they had no prior knowledge of the room configuration. All communications from the landers (SpaghettiBot) to the Crabli and Walking Robot where done through a multi-hop wireless network.

The video is a recording of what was visible via the Crabli's camera, sped up 5 times. This camera was also used to drive the crabli, not to record the experiment. As a results, the image has saccades and sometimes focus on weird things such as the Crabli's own wheels.

Even if we would have used the opportunity of more testing, we are quite happy that our infrastructure is now working properly. Our control stations are stable and usable, our wireless network can handle the load, our night perception is acceptable and our locomotion capabilities have been proven.

How will we do in the sand outdoor? Let's wait and see...

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