Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lunar Robotics Challenge - Day 3 – Rain and Other Troubles

The Tenerife-Virus hit the camp. Eight people got hit by this nasty sickness that takes you out completely for 24 hours. Unfortunately, Cedric and I were among the lucky winners. So no Lunar Robotics Challenge for us today.
Martin, Andy, and Oli finished the sealing work on the walking robot in the morning, and adapted our gaits and calibration to the new configuration (with scales and ground plates). Unfortunately, once they were ready to test, it started to rain at the camp. So we have to do our big all systems test tomorrow. On the other side, they were able to take advantage of the time, and implemented additional motions for the walking robot. We’re now able to crawl way faster. Traveling about two meters/minute (which should now be fast enough to complete the mission in the given time span of two hours). We also implemented some motions for fine adjustment and collection of the soil samples. Tomorrow, ESA will provide the actual sample material, so we’ll know how this will work out.

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christian said...

Good luck tonight guys, kick some butt! You've come very far already, way to go!
Cheers from CapCom,